For some owners, remodeling their kitchen is when they become familiar with the natural characteristics of the wood and the materials used in the kitchen cabinets. That introduction is important, but it does not have to be intimidating. Learning more about the qualities of hardwood and other kitchen cabinet materials will help you better understand “What is a quality kitchen cabinet?”

Produced naturally, hardwood is known for its unique color, texture and grain pattern. Durable and easy to repair, hardwood flooring is easy to sand and paint to hide scratches, dents, spots or watermarks. It is most commonly used in frames and doors in cabinets.

One advantage of hardwood is the reduction in the movement that appears in wood. Movement refers to changes in wood caused by factors such as insect tracks, mineral streaks, aging marks, and weathering. Hardwood expands and contracts less than softwood. The softwoods are as their name the suggestions: a soft and light wood like spruce, yellow pine, white pine, and Douglas fur. Much of its appeal comes from its ability to remain in place. In addition, hardwood provides a lifetime use.

A common concern among consumers is to understand the characteristics of different hardwoods. Hardwood moves according to climate, but expands and contracts significantly less than softwood. Painted hardwood doors and frames will expand and contract over time, resulting in fine cracks. We are going to break down the types of hardwood we offer in our Laguna Kitchen and Bath and what to expect.

Hardwood Types

Maple The maple has a smooth texture and tight and uniform grain patterns. In general, creamy white, it can vary from bright white to light pink or reddish brown. In addition, the maple will have amber extra hours. The rustic maple has a smooth texture and narrow and uniform grain patterns. In general, creamy white, it can vary from bright white to light pink or reddish brown. It also amber with age. Laguna Kitchen and Bath offers maple wood in the candy stain.

Oak The oak has an open and varied grain pattern. The colors vary from light brown and light pink to dark brown and medium dark. It may contain small mineral streaks and some knots. Laguna Kitchen and Bath offers oak in the Saddle and Sable spots.

Birch – A hardwood of medium density with a firm and durable surface, accepts well the finishes. The wood has a distinctive pattern of moderate grain that varies from straight to curly or wavy and has a fine and uniform texture. Laguna Kitchen and Bath offers birch in Birch Sables stains.

Cherry – With a soft grain, the color of the cherry varies from light pink to dark brown. It will darken or soften with age. Mineral streaks, pin knots and sapwood are natural and acceptable characteristics. Laguna Kitchen and Bath offers cherry wood in cider and reddish tints.

Other materials used for kitchen cabinetry include medium-density fiberboard (MDF), wood veneer, plywood, and particleboard.

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